Cynthia c Griffith got her start in the freelance world as a songwriter and featured poet.  Known for her speedy work ethic, catchy melodies, and versatility, she quickly established a reputation for prose that helped her carve out a thriving creative career. She has been juggling multiple forms of literary media for almost two decades. In 2004, her articles and interviews graced the pages of Local print periodical supersport magazine. These would become the first of hundreds of articles where her name would appear in the byline.                     

Today, Cynthia is a full-time social justice journalist with a passion for environmental and civil rights issues. she’s a regular contributor to multiple popular websites and magazines. she excels in conducting interviews and researching hard-to-tackle subject matters.  Lover of words. speaker of formidable truths. No matter what she’s writing, she always leads with her heart. 




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Cynthia C Griffith is serious about Islam, social justice, and the emergence/ protection of digital journalism. She is always seeking new ways to address false narratives and shatter stereotypes. She also has a goofy side, so don’t be surprised if you catch her digging into the underlying symbols of superhero costumes or trying to beat her nephew’s high score on Subway Surfers. A self-proclaimed adventure nerd, Cynthia’s many hobbies include boxing, blogging, biking, hiking, gaming, interactive fiction, baking, parkour, the occasional freestyle cypher, and getting lost (usually not on purpose and often when the GPS is connected). Wife of Bilal Anthony Lockett. Mother of Safiya Isabell. Stepmother of Yhaanee and Laila. Former chef and foodie. Famous for poetry and pumpkin cheesecake.


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